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Why choose us

Once you’ve experienced excellence you’ll never be content with mediocrity

We have a proven track record in building competencies. We excel in providing great and momentous time to the audience.

Our International Standard training models and modules have been developed after thorough research by experts who are masters of their field. This makes our training programs highly effective turning the trainees into winners.

All our training solutions are action packed (with fun elements) explosive, inspiring and laden with zing and high energy that immediately starts to condition the minds of the participants for greater success and ensures they follow through what they were trained in during the training programs. We believe that measurement is a key differentiator when it comes to training programs. As such all our training programs can be evaluated by the increases in the individual and business performances after the participants have undergone training and are utilizing the skills and knowledge they acquired at their work places. 

The outcome:

·         Motivation of Participants Ignited

·         Their Personal Effectiveness Accelerated

·         Total Audience Participation and Cutting Edge Skills acquired by them

These new times call for:                  

·         New Training

·         New Motivational energy

·         New Passion to Excel

·         New kind of Desperation and Madness to attain success        

What's in it for you?                  

You get:                            

Highly Energized and Motivated Team Members ready for action with full force and conviction. Powerful Motivational Messages to inspire them to achieve consistently challenging Personal and Professional goals.  

In a nutshell you get:

A highly motivated and productive work force.

LIC: Motivating Personal Power Passport


Calling all LIC agents!!!

Get Amazing Personal Power Benefits with Motivating Life Insurance Personal Power Passport (MLIPPP)


Presenting the Motivating Life Insurance Personal Power Passport


Motivatorz’r’ brings to you Motivating personal power passport - a power packed personal power card program for the LIC agent community delivered and developed by the International Motivational trainer Jamal Shah. This passport also gives the LIC agent community to save money in all the purchases that they make in select merchant outlets. A real powerful passport indeed for the LIC agent community.  

What can the Motivating Life Insurance Personal Power Passport (MLIPPP) do for you?

MLIPPP is your passport to great benefits on personal power and savings. By presenting the MLIPP Passport you will be eligible for power packed benefits to increase your personal power and get other powerful benefits as well as variety of discounts ranging from 5%-50% off on hotels, restaurants, adventure tours, boutiques, museums, showrooms, castles, and other exciting attractions at various outlets in Delhi / NCR to begin with. You only have to present your passport at our partners’ outlets and you will be given discounts on every purchase of yours. Ensuring great savings for you.  

The MLIPP Passport opens the door to a world of life changing personal power to you and great savings on your everyday purchases.

Benefits of the Motivating Life Insurance Personal Power Passport (MLIPPP)

The MLIPP Passport is a real LIC agent’s lifestyle card. Keep it in your pocket wherever you go – it'll come in handy time and time again. It is your passport to fantastic personal power benefits including personal Website / Blogs, motivational training, telemarketing scripts, sales videos for effective life insurance selling, training on selling skills, presentation skills, innovative marketing strategies development etc. and discounts on purchases and other services like:

  • Personalized website / blog for an online presence, Hypnotic Sales Videos telling the customers why they should buy life insurance and other allied products / services from LIC and you.
  • Great Personal Power Motivational and Sales Training from the International Trainer Jamal Shah, which will transform your life for ever turning you into a winner in whatever you do in your professional and personal life.
  • Great discounts from various shopping outlets ensuring great saving for you on all your purchases
  • Customized International standard telemarketing script for the passport holders
  • Discounts on all other powerful, motivational soft skills / sales training programs conducted by Motivatorz‘r’ throughout the year
  • Online personal counseling / therapy on problems faced by passport holders (As per the card that you hold)
  • Entry to contests, events, quiz, talent hunts, modeling workshops etc. organized by of and on during the year.

How does MLIPP Passport work?

Here’s how it works:

  • If you qualify for MLIPP Passport, you can pay the investment fee of the desired passport. You can sign up for a multi-year passport at a cheaper per year rate as well.
  • Once you own the passport you will be asked to fill a questionnaire and based on the information thus received your personal website / blog will be prepared within a week or ten days.
  • You will receive the sales videos within ten days of receiving your filled form and cheque.
  • You will receive your power point presentation built on LIC’s core story within ten days of your form and cheque received.
  • The other services like personal counseling, therapy, effective and innovative marketing and selling techniques through emails / phones etc. will be ongoing and you’ll receive them as per a set program duly informed to you
  • You can present the passport while joining the training programs we will organize at the appointed hour and date at an appointed place (That will be informed to you appropriately well in advance)
  • You can present the passport in any of the participating retailers and service providers who recognize the passport in order to secure discounts on purchases.

That’s not very complicated. Isn’t it?

Is it a Good Deal? Of course it is….

The categories of Mpower Personal Power Passport available…

There are two types of Passports available: 

  1. 1.Gold Passport
  2. 2.Diamond Passport

The MLIPP Passport is valid for one, two and three years from the date of issue.



Benefits of each Motivating Life Insurance Personal Power Passport (MLIPPP) and its Yearly Investment

  1. 1.Gold Card(Inaugural            Investment: Rs. 2700/- only


  • 3 hypnotic Sales Videos for selling Life Insurance
  • Personal Website or Blog ( two updations during the year)
  • Motivational training of half day duration 2 times in a year
  • Selling skills training of full day duration twice in a year
  • Off and on effective selling strategies for effective selling skills through emails, chatting, phones etc.
  • Monthly newsletter on motivation, and exposure to international selling practices
  • Monthly newsletter on insurance which you can use as a marketing tool and send to your customers to motivate them to buy from you
  • Discounts on purchases made at partner outlets


  1. 2.Diamond Card(Inaugural  Investment: Rs. 4700/- only


  • 5 hypnotic Sales Videos for selling Life Insurance
  • Personal Website or Blog (Four updations during the year)
  • Motivational training of full day duration 3 times in a year
  • Selling Skills / Presentation Skills training of full day duration 4 times in a year
  • International standard telemarketing scripts for effective selling
  • Follow up on sales training through emails, phones and role plays on phones
  • Innovative marketing strategies development
  • Trigger cards for integration of what learned during selling skills training
  • Monthly newsletter on motivation, and exposure to international selling practices
  • Monthly newsletter on insurance which you can use as a marketing tool and send to your customers to motivate them to buy from you
  • PowerPoint presentation on LIC’s core story for easy selling to customers
  • Personal counseling on presentation and personal style, through emails and phones
  • Online personal counseling / therapy on problems faced by the agents
  • Discounts on purchases made at partner outlets

Who is eligible to receive MLIPP Passport?

To get the card

You have to be an LIC agent.  

To get the card you need to present:

  • Photocopy of the identity card that identifies you and proves your bonafide as LIC agent
  • A passport sized photo

How can you get MLIPP Passport?

You can get it by contacting online through email: contact@ or call on cell phone: 9891439772 or call Lubna on 8860752542

How long does it take to get one?

MLIPP Passport can be had within 10 days of applying for it.

Our mission & vision

Our mission & business purpose is to serve our brethrens from LIC, get great success in their life. We will serve you with power packed International standard personal power training, services & products that are innovative and more powerful than those offered by any other company. Quality is nothing but delivery of increasingly higher levels of training, services & products to you - our LIC agent brethrens. The MLIPP Passports’ idea is to empower LIC agents’ community by enabling you to afford world class personal power benefits like personalized websites / blogs and sales videos, power training & discounts offered by & its partners.

Motivatorz‘r’ is inspired by its vision to make a meaningful difference in the lives of you - the LIC agent community through the most powerful benefits, training programs etc. on personal power that is sure to get you on your feet more firmly, take life’s challenges head on and come out the winner with gusto and power. The discount that you are going to get through our merchant discount program is just incidental though it is also going to give you tremendous benefits in terms of the savings that you can make in all your purchases. And you can put to great use the money thus saved for your own betterment in various other ways

Refer a friend:

Not only you get power packed benefits together with discounts on your purchases you can also make a lot of money by referring your friends to this program. For each member that signs up on your recommendation you will get Rs.200 for the gold passport and Rs. 300 for diamond passport. And your friend gets Rs.100 for signing up. 


about jamal shah

The training programs are brought to you by India’s ‘Hottest Motivational Mogul’: Mr. Jamal Shah

He is a communication specialist, a great motivator, an MBA and a certified NLP practitioner. Jamal, based in New Delhi and is known for his infectious enthusiasm, energy and training style. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold audiences attention and engage them for greater learning.
Jamal Shah infuses listeners with a sense of energy and self-esteem. All his training programs, keynotes and motivational rallies are like a spell binding motivational boot camp where he cajoles, entertains and enlightens the audience with a fast moving combination of stories, example, humor, activities and quotations.
His programs work like a charm.

Jamal is part dramatic actor, part stand up comedian, part evangelistic preacher. When he walks out on stage, he sets himself on fire and people watch him burn literally.

Of course it’s not just what happens when Jamal Shah is on stage
It’s what happens next.

He ignites lasting changes in the way people work, interact and go for achieving what they have set out to achieve. They come away from the training programs with some tangible tools and techniques as well that they can use immediately to bring positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Leading them to achieve greatness in their career.
In a nutshell, Jamal Shah’s programs are fun, thought provoking, power pumping and more than anything else they make a difference in the lives of each and every person in attendance. You gotta see it to believe it….




Training solutions


Sell powerfully - The power to influence

Motivatorz‘r’ offers a great portfolio of diverse training programs customized as per the need of the clients in the areas of Sales Mastery, Motivation and attitude building based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Customer Service, Time Management and Goal Setting. All the training programs are a proven winner and are delivered in the most powerful and effective manner which is one of the strong points of Motivatorz‘r’



Brief intro of training programs that we offer:


1.Motivational Pep Rally: ‘We are born to live passionately’ - 4 hours program

2. Creating a Personal Competitive Advantage (NLP based) – 1 / 3 days program

3. ‘Presenting with Influence’ – Presentation Skills program – 3 days program

4. Sell Powerfully – The Power to Influence – 3 / 4 days program – Target Audience – Sales personnel, sales managers, relationship managers etc. with experience of 5 plus years

5. Feet on street – Effective selling skills and techniques – 3 days program – Target Audience – sales personnel with 0 to 4 years of experience

6. Communication Skills – Three days program

7. Customer services – Three days Program

8. Time Management and Goal Setting – Three days program

9. Team Building – Three Days program

10. Personal Development training programs for the youngsters of India




Sales Club - The Concept

Sales Club :: Insight


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Let me also take this opportunity to inform everyone that we invited Jamal for a motivational talk / sales training to our hotel and we found him just 'Superb', he rocked the floor and we all were amazed to see his energy level, he was not only excellent in content but was beyond anybody's expectations in his energy and passion. 

 After getting the excellent feedback we shared it with all our staff and now he is doing similar workshops with other hotels as well, he has already done one more workshop with Galaxy hotel, Gurgaon and soon he will be doing it for The Oberoi and the The Maidens.

 Jamal, we shared with you that our executives have mentioned in their feedback that you are the

most energetic person they have ever seen in their life and I personally also think so, during 5 days of NLP workshop we could not even think that you can be so energetic and impressive.

 Thanks a lot and Keep it up.

Deepak Behl
Director - HR
InterContinental Eros and Eros Group

It gives me an immense pleasure to congratulate you on that very captivating training session you had taken for us.

As a participant it was the liveliest session i had ever attended in my entire career and more importantly, i could relate it to my profession and experience.

I wish the very best for you and hope we could have more sessions like these in future.

Pankaj Bhola
Director Marketing Communications
InterContinental Eros


I have attached the profile of Jamal he used to be doing Sales & Motivational Training with us, before we decided to focus on the Assessment bit, he has done a great job with frontline guys & it was greatly appreciated by the clients. He has also done some work in your industry. I will personally recommend Jamal & am sure he will enhance the skills of your people as well as inspire them to great heights. I have marked a copy of this mail to Jamal & attached a profile of his, you guys can take this forward from here.

-satyan menon
turning point


I recall with much excitement the way in which you delivered lectures on motivation in our training sessions arranged for our senior officials.


The methodology, style, manner and contents of your sessions were excellent. In fact, in my 37 years of employment after college studies,I have witnessed for the first time such a wonderful session with full of energy, enthusiasm and thought provoking messages for senior people working in our Organisation.I would say you have reenergised all those participants who had the opportunity to listen to you.Keep it up so that the aging population can live happily and productively in our Great country.

 Executive Director/Principal
L.I.C of India, Zonal Training Centre,Western Zone, Akurdi, Pune . Maharashtra

Our Major Clients

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E questi rappresentano la sovranità della Provincia, e deliberata e concludono ofall aIiirs, di quale importanza soever, senza alcun alternativa a levitra ricorso a coloro che li hanno, o obbligo deputato per conoscere le loro intenzioni, che i deputati di tutte le ex province sono tenuti ad stricth, e o deve seguire le istruzioni Osservazioni su le Province Unite. portano con loro per l'assemblea, o conoscere la risoluzione dei loro committenti, prima di concludere nelle altre province, i nobili della priligy israel città eleggere i deputati che compongono lo Stato, effetto viagra forum ma, levitra on line miglior prezzo in Friezland, la costituzione è di ben altro tipo per ogni Baillage, che si compone di una certa estensione di paese e il numero di villaggi come è stato detto è governata da un Bailie, che, nella loro lingua, chiamano Greetman e questo ufficiale governa il levitra impasto suo circuito, con l'assistenza di un certo numero di persone che sono chiamati i suoi assessori, che insieme giudice di tutte le cause civili in primo grado, ma con appello alla corte di giustizia della Provincia. Quando gli Stati sono convocato, ogni Bailie riunisce insieme tutte le persone di ciò che soever qualità, che possiedono una certa quantità di terre nel suo distretto e questi uomini, dalla maggior parte delle voci, nominano i due deputati che ogni Baillage invia all'assemblea degli Stati. Questa assemblea, in quanto rappresenta la sovranità della Provincia, in modo che dispone di tutte le spese vacanti, chuses i nove deputati che compongono quel collegio permanente che è cialis viagra generico il Consiglio di Stato della provincia, e similmente dodici Consiglieri che, tre per ogni trimestre che compongono la corte di giustizia della Provincia, e giudice di tutte le cause civili in ultima istanza, ma di tutti i criminali dalla prima istanza, non essendovi altra giurisdizione penale, ma ciò solo, con gratis levitra la Provincia, mentre, nelle altre province, non c'è città che non ha in sé e diverse, entrambe cialis e aspirina Signori, e villaggi, hanno l'alta e bassa giustizia appartenente alla Nella Provincia di Groninguen, acquisto viagra generico on line cialis modalitè d'uso che è sullo stesso tratto acquista levitra generico di terra, le elezioni dei Deputati fuori acquista viagra in italia propecia levitra dizionario medico del paese sono fatto come in Friezland, da parte di persone in possesso di set proporzioni di terreno ma, in Overyssel, tutti i nobili che sono qualificati da avere terre signorili, fanno parte degli viagra soft online Stati. Queste tre province, con Vestfalia, e tutti i paesi tra il Wezer, dell'Yssel, e dapoxetina usos il Reno, erano la sede degli cialis 20 antichi Frizons, levitra generico blog che, sotto il nome di Sassoni loro dato dal l'arma che indossavano, fatto come un scithe, con il bordo verso l'esterno, e chiamati in loro Seaxes lingua erano i feroci conquistatori della nostra isola britannica, essere chiamato in sulla diserzione delle forze romane, e le incursioni dei Pitti crudeli viagra generico contrassegno nei confronti di un popolo che le guerre lunghe, levitra offerta dapprima con i Romani, e poi servitù sotto di loro, aveva esaurito tutto il sangue più coraggioso della loro nazione, sia in proprio, o loro padroni, riuscendo litigi, e depresso i cuori e coraggia del resto. Il vescovo di Munster, i cui territori si trovano in questo tratto di terra, mi ha dato le prime certe testimonianze di quelli che sono i sedili dei nostri antichi Sassoni, che da allora sono state confermate a me da molte cose le ho osservate nel leggere le storie di quei tempi, e da ciò che è stato affermato a me su richiesta del Frizons vecchio linguaggio avendo ancora così grande affinità con il nostro inglese, da apparire facilmente stato lo stesso più delle loro parole mantenendo lo stesso significato e il suono, molto diverso da la lingua degli Olandesi. Questo è il principio ativo dapoxetina più notevole in una piccola città chiamata Malcuera sul mare Zudder, in Friezland, che è ancora costruito dopo la moda dei vecchi villaggi tedeschi, descritti da Tacito, senza alcun uso o osservazione di linee o angoli, ma come se ogni uomo aveva costruito in un campo comune, proprio dove aveva una mente, così come un estraneo, quando va in, deve efficacia propecia effetti collaterali avere Su queste informazioni e levitra cialis osservazioni, e il conto in particolare poi mi ha dato delle costituzioni della Provincia di Friezland, così diverso Osservazioni su Province Unite. dagli altri ho cominciato a fare riflessioni su di loro come gli originali probabili di molte costituzioni antiche tra noi, di cui nessun altro si possono trovare, e che può sembrare sia stato introdotto dai Sassoni qui, e per la loro lunga e assoluto possesso della quella parte dell'isola, chiamato in Inghilterra, per essere stato così piantato e radicato fra noi, da aver guadato sicuro, in gran parte, attraverso le successive inondazioni e le conquiste delle nazioni danesi e durata del viagra cialis levitra normanni. E, forse, ci può essere molta materia trovati per le osservazioni costo comprare levitra curiose di alcuni antiquari diligenti e studiosi, nei confronti del Bailli o Greetman tra i Frizons, con il nostro sceriffo di loro Assessori, con i nostri Giudici di pace del loro giudizio civile provoca nel loro distretto, sulla prima stazione, ma non senza appello, con il corso della nostra Quarti paroxetina fa male di Sessioni del loro capo giudice, essendo composta di Consiglieri di quattro diversi trimestri, con i nostri quattro circuiti. Di questi è il giudice penale comune del paese della composizione dei loro Stati, con la nostra ParJiament, almeno, la nostra Camera dei Comuni nei particolari di due deputati di essere scelto da ogni città, come da noi, e due da ciascuna Baillage, dapoxetina usos come da ogni contea qui e questi ultimi da voci di tutte le persone in acquisto levitra su internet possesso di una certa quantità di terra, e in un incontro assemblato dal Greetman a tale scopo e questi deputati hanno il potere di risolvere tutte le questioni senza ricorrere a quelli che li eleggere, o conoscenza delle loro intenzioni, che sono tutte le circostanze d'accordo con le nostre costituzioni, ma assolutamente diversi da quelli delle altre province negli Stati Uniti, e dalla composizione, credo, degli Stati, né ora, o precedentemente, compra propecia utilizzato negli altri nazioni d'Europa. Per questo originale, suppongo che pure dobbiamo quello che ho chiesto spesso a, che in Inghilterra ci NEI ther vediamo, viagra generico comprare né trovo su disco, qualsiasi Signore, o signoria che finge di avere l'esercizio del giudice appartenente ad esso, sia ciò che è chiamato giustizia alta o bassa, che sembra essere un distintivo di qualche antico sovranità se noi li vediamo molto frequente tra i nostri vicini, sia sotto monarchie più arbitrari, e sotto la più libera e Olanda, cialis libero levitra Zelanda, Friezland, e Groninguen sono seduti sulla mare, e rendere la forza e la grandezza di questo Stato gli altri tre, con le città conquistate Brabante, Fiandre, e Cleve, fare solo le fortificazioni esterne né frontiere, che serve soprattutto per la sicurezza e la difesa di questi. Nessun uomo può dire le strane e potenti cambiamenti, che possono essere state formulate in faccia e viagra a 50 anni limiti dei paesi marittimi, in una sola volta o l'altra, da inondazioni furiosi, su l'insolito concorso di terra-alluvioni, venti e maree, e quindi non uomo conosce, se la Provincia d'Olanda non può essere stato, in alcune epoche passate, tutto in legno, e rougli terreno ineguale, come alcune vecchie tradizioni vanno e livellati a ciò che vediamo, in riva al mare di rodaggio, e continuando prolungati sulla terra, poiché recuperato dal suo incavo, e con l'aiuto del settore. 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